Tom S., Seller

Working with Lori was a complete pleasure. She knows the market, is clear and transparent about the process, and is laser-focused on getting the best results for her clients. I can't recommend anyone higher than her.

P.L., Buyer

Lori was very helpful with the process of buying a home. She showed me the home, did a detailed comparative market analysis, always answered my questions quickly.

Jenny & Joe S., Sellers

Lori Warren is the most strategic real estate agent we could have asked for. She knew exactly how to show our place to the best advantage. Throughout the process of fixing up and staging our house she offered consistently high-quality advice showcasing her experience in the field. She was a pleasure to work with and always upbeat during complex negotiations with our eventual buyer and, during escrow. Lori is cheery, kind and fun to be with. It is clear buyers responded well to all that she put into our project.

K.L., Seller

We bought a home and sold a home with Lori. She is no-nonsense, extremely smart, incredibly efficient and a "force of nature" in terms of getting projects moved along when they would otherwise drag. She took control of the staging process (which was quite complicated) and did an amazing job. Our townhouse sold for significantly more than other units in the complex, in large part because of the excellent preparation work and the huge effort she put into putting together all of the disclosures. She has strong opinions (which i appreciate enormously in a broker) but was also very respectful of my wishes. She is very well connected in the real estate community and knows how to go the extra mile in a competitive situation.

Carol E., Seller

Lori has integrity keeping all eyes on the prize to sell property! Her professionalism with all parties and was clear and straightforward. She has skills selling jointly owned trust property, with equal respect to all parties. She negotiated and timed every step in the process during Covid's challenges, allowing clients to give input on expertise they have with grace in her process. She has built a team of talented, experienced professionals to meet deadlines and solve any problem that may arise. She has experience upgrading property to showcase its potential. She can be trusted. She loves her work. She respects your time and listens!

Mike P., Seller

She worked while we were on vacation to make sure both transactions went through. When things hit the fan, she stepped in, made a plan, and saw it through to the end.

Work With Lori

Clients choose to work with Lori for her high-touch level of personal service. With her candid yet warm approach, she listens thoroughly to the wants and needs of her clients, and confidently leads them down the right path to ensure they reach their real estate goals. By meticulously devising creative, winning strategies for her clients, they happily sing her praises.
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